DV1-100 has been replaced with DV3100, a new aluminum case to advanced triggering, adjustible threshold, more memory and wider voltage range, the new DV3100 is the best value in a portable logic analyzer.

With this new hardware, we are also releasing Version 5.0 of our DigiView Capture & Analysis software.

Memory and Compression:

DV3100 uses multiple, automatic memory compression techniques (Tri-mode) and has double the physical memory of the DV1-100, resulting in very long capture times. Our new compression techniques eliminate any concern over sample-rates vs capture lengths. The DV3100 capture time-span can exceed 11 MONTHS at 10ns resolution.

Of course, any signal THAT quiet would not be too interesting. The point is that the length of dead time between edges is now irrelevant. There is no need to ever reduce resolution in order to capture more time. Our compression techniques automatically adapt to the data in real-time to ensure optimal memory usage without sacrificing sampling resolution.