Written by Dr. Tracy Allen of Electronically Monitored Ecosystems in Berkeley, CA, this advanced Stamps in Class text is an excellent primer on BASIC Stamp program structuring, sensor calibration, and serial communication.  Concepts are taught using an Earth Science theme and data logging, which could be applied to future field work.  The Parts Kit includes breadboard-friendly electronic components to build the circuits for a pushbutton, digital air temperature IC, analog water temperature probe, photodiode light sensor, and a conductivity probe. 

Sensor data is logged into the BASIC Stamp EEPROM, displayed on the PC in the Debug Terminal, and conveyed with blinking LEDs and Morse code via piezospeaker.  The optional final experiment builds a measurement and control system to maintain the water level in a cup with the conductivity probe and a pump. The low-voltage pump and its circuit components are not included with the Applied Sensors Parts Kit v2.0. A Low-Voltage pump supplier and Pump Circuit Parts List are provided under the Downloads & Resources links below.

Kit Contents:
- Applied Sensors Text v2.0
- Applied Sensors Parts Kit v2.0 
- Complete Components Listing
- Using this kit requires a Board of Education Development Board or a BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board, sold separately.