Analog to digital (A/D) and digital to analog (D/A) conversion make it possible for a digital device, like the BASIC Stamp 2, to both measure and control "real world" values such as voltage, light level, and frequency. The BASIC Analog and Digital experiments introduce PBASIC commands for A/D conversion with resistor/capacitor circuits, interfacing an ADC0831 8-bit A/D converter, scaling analog outputs into meaningful digital values, analyzing time-varying signals, and using PWM as analog output. These concepts are conveyed using potentiometers, LEDs, speakers, photoresistors, and pushbuttons. This Stamps in Class text is an excellent companion or sequel to What's a Microcontroller? You may purchase the BASIC Analog and Digital printed bound text, or may download the full PDF file below.

Activities Include:
- Building a comparator
- Building a simple digital DC voltmeter
- Building a resistive ladder network for D/A conversion
- Recording and displaying frequency and light data
- D/A conversion with pulse width modulation

Kit Contents:
- BASIC Analog and Digital Text
- ICs: ADC0831 8-bit A/D converter, LM358 op-amp, and 555 timer
- Input: potentiometers, photoresistors, and pusbuttons
- Output: piezospeakers and LEDs
- Assorted resistors and capacitors