The HomeWork Board consists of a surface-mounted BASIC Stamp 2 on a 3" x 4" printed circuit board. The board includes a 9V battery clip, DB-9 connector and a voltage regulator providing +5 volts for your projects. This is similar to the Board of Education, yet it has no servo connectors and no 2.1 mm jack for wall power. 4 rubber feet are included for each board.

The intended use of the HomeWork Board is for BASIC Stamp student homework, science fair projects, and the naturally curious student who wishes to carry their Stamp projects beyond the classroom. Often instructors aren't willing to send the Board of Education programming board and BASIC Stamp 2 module because of their higher cost.

The running LED is connected to the BASIC Stamp module's EEPROM clock line, illuminating the LED only if the BASIC Stamp microcontroller is running. If the BASIC Stamp module is put in SLEEP mode the power LED will turn off, possibly enabling months of operation from a single 9V transistor battery. The HomeWork Board has another feature educators have requested: 220 ohm resistors across all BASIC Stamp I/O lines. These resistors provide additional protection against mis-wiring.