This 175-page Stamps in Class text focuses on adding infrared communication and control to your Boe-Bot® Robot. You can directly control the Boe-Bot game-controller style, remotely set roaming speed and distance, combine remote control and autonomous roaming functions, and remotely select autonomous roaming modes. New programming techniques introduce designing user interfaces and menu systems. The final project makes your BASIC Stamp® 2 microcontroller an IR remote command sequence interpreter for a remotely programmable Boe-Bot.

Kit Contents:
- IR Remote for the Boe-Bot Book
- Universal Remote with manufacturer manual
- IR detector
- 220 ohm Resistor
- Jumper wires (bag of 10)

Note: This kit requires 2 alkaline AA batteries (not included). IR Remote for the Boe-Bot is a continuation of Robotics with the Boe-Bot. To complete the activities, you will need a fully-assembled Boe-Bot in addition to this parts kit.