The Project Parts Kit includes components for multiple instances of the following circuits: LED indicator, pushbutton, ambient light measurement, rotational position, infrared stripe detection, infrared object/distance detection, sigma-delta A/D, and Op Amp.

This kit is included in the Propeller Education Kits. It has been made available separately for those who are using a different Propeller development platform, or for educators who need to replenish the parts for Propeller Education Kits in their classrooms

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Key Contents:
- Dual operational amplifier
- Infrared LED emitter assembly and receiver pairs
- Input: pushbuttons, photoresistors, and potentiometers
- Output: LEDs and piezospeakers
- A variety of resistors and capacitors

Note: See the Propeller Education Kit Components Listing page link below for complete kit contents. Because of the way some components come pre-packaged, your kit may contain extra components.