Expand the horizons of your BASIC Stamp projects with tilt and acceleration sensing, compass readings, and ultrasound distance detection. Then, display your data using the advanced techniques included for the Parallax 2x16 Serial LCD. The Smart Sensors and Applications text provides a well-illustrated in-depth introduction to each device included with the kit.

Conduct your own acceleration studies for your favorite hobby. As an example, the author Andy Lindsay describes his experiment to record the g-forces generated when he performs an ollie on his skateboard.
This advanced Stamps in Class text is a perfect sequel to What's a Microcontroller? or Robotics with the Boe-Bot. All the activities in Smart Sensors and Applications require a Board of Education Full Kit, or a HomeWork Board available with the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit.

Note: Item contains a CdS cell photoresistor. The RoHS exemption request status for CdS cells is currently unclear; there are no RoHS-compliant exact replacement devices available.

The Smart Sensors and Applications Text and the Parts Kit are also sold separately.

System requirements: A PC running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, a serial or USB port for your board, and the free BASIC Stamp Editor software.