t's easy to get started micro-controlling your world with StampWorks. The StampWorks manual includes 35 experiments based on the BASIC Stamp® 2 microcontroller and the Professional Development Board (included). StampWorks gives you the hardware, the electrical components and, most importantly, the know-how to become a confident embedded programmer. Working your way through StampWorks you will learn about efficient embedded design, connecting circuits and "smart" sensors to the BASIC Stamp, adding computer control to your projects, and "Power PBASIC" programming techniques.

After you've worked your way through StampWorks you'll be able to write your own BASIC Stamp programs to control your hobby, engineering, and student projects using a variety of electronic circuits - and you'll be able to do it with the confidence. However; this kit is recommended for those with previous microcontroller experience.  If you are new to BASIC Stamp programming it is recommended to start with the BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit or Robotics with the Boe-Bot.

- Flash LEDs
- 7-segment & Parallel LCD Display
- Push Buttons & Switches
- Add sound 
- Light Controlled Theremin
- Servo & Stepper Motor Control
- Measure Temperature & Voltage
- Advanced Programming Techniques

Kit Contents:
- Parallax Professional Development Board
- 12 V @ 1 A wall-mount power supply
- BASIC Stamp 2 module
- Serial Cable
- Parallax USB to RS232 Serial Adapter
- Parallel LCD Display
- Parallax Standard Servo
- Stepper Motor
- BASIC Stamp Syntax & Reference Manual v2.2
- StampWorks Manual v2.1
- Complete Component Listing