Microchip PICmicro® MCU, offers a large set of features for a comparatively low price that is unmatched in the industry.

Feature Summary:

Gang Programmer Features
• Programs 4 devices as quickly as a single device when using a Gang adapter *.
• Select from 1 to 4 devices on Gang adapters.
• Reports individual failures when programming multiple devices.

ICSP Programmer Features
• Supports In-Circuit Programming with the included cable.
• Voltage measuring with power up and power down interlocking
provides voltage error detection and reliable programming.

Serialization Features
• Auto increment or manually enter serial numbers in Code or Data locations.
• Supports Microchip SQTP Files with logging and Shared Network Access.

Production & Control File Features
• Password access to Option Settings
• Restrict "READS" from devices
• Prevent Editing of loaded data
• Set Power Source - Programmer or Target Circuit
• Power Control Signal for automatic operation
• Accepts Command-line Parameters
• Returns Error Exit Codes
• Counters for Pass and Fail totals
• Counter for time lapse total
• Auto synchronizes hardware's firmware to match software.
• Checksum calculated for enabled data options.

Developer Features
• Supports industry standard INHX8M, INHX32 HEX file formats.
• Supports Parallax ".obj" HEX files.
• Includes CVASM (ClearView Assembler) with 8051 style instructions.
• Includes TDE (TechTools Design Environment) for integrated development.
• Included assembler supports PASM, SPASM, CVASM source code.
• Included IDE supports Third-Party Compilers & Assemblers.

Other Features
• Supports existing Parallax and PICwriter programming adapters.
• Enable/Disable each programmable area of the MCU.
• Select individual programming tasks or "Auto Run".