The designer kit is a pack gathering the robot and the mechanical parts to build several assembling projects. The POB team did select 3 assembling possibilities that are well-known in the robotics world. You can create a radar robot, a drawer robot and a robot which can carry drinks. Those applications are feasible by all users whatever the age and skills.

The Designer Kit contents necessary mechanical parts, two servomotors and a distance sensor. You can of course order additional parts that are available on our website via our online shop. Do not hesitate to contact us or to have a look at our catalog.

The Radar
This application consists in detecting the obstacles by making a distance sensor turning on itself thanks to a servomotor. Once the robot is built, you can add it a second servomotor to possibly move obstacles. We can even imagine the construction of a football player robot.
The Pen

Thanks to a pen put on a support base, the robot can draw on a sheet of paper. You can draw shapes such as lines, dotted lines, squares or other simple geometrical shapes. From those simple examples, you are able to create your own graphical moves. As soon as you master this robot, you can make it more complex by adding the distance sensor and then try to draw the outside shape of an object.

The Pilers

It is the most complex assembly of the Designer Kit. It uses two servomotors. We do propose a demonstration which clearly explains how to have the pliers go up/down and how to catch/release a specific object. It is pretty easy to imagine the automatic catch/release of objects by adding to the whole a distance sensor.

3 model shapes and more...

The POB Robotics Suite Designer kit is a robot able to hold a pen, to draw shapes and simple geometric lines and possibly see the black line of an object.

The Designer Kit is as well a radar robot which turns its distance sensor in all directions to detect obstacles.

Last but not least, this little robot is equipped with a grip able to bring your plastic glass and many other objects.

These Designer Kit is the mix of all those models to design original projects and creations!

Football player robot, robot dedicated to assist people and many others!

A kit for multiple possibilities!

For each shape, a new behavior !

Strong point for this kit: each shape allows a different approach to robotics.

The robot is not only changing shapes, its changes function which makes its programming behaviors even more interesting.

Through this robot, different educational goals can be clearly defined.

This is an excellent way to approach mechanics, electronics and behavior programming!