Reallusion's CrazyTalk is a revolutionary tool for creating unique digital content. CrazyTalk 6 delivers the ultimate solution for today's digital content creators looking to add a virtual host, product pitchman or digital actor to their movies, video projects and websites in Stereoscopic 3D. 

• Automatic Audio Lip-sync from Text and Voice
• Edit and Customize Expressions & Emotions for Your Actor
• Revolutionary Storytelling Engine with Actor Animation Control
• Support Stereoscopic 3D Output for Any Device


New! Multi-character setup is easy with the fitting wizard that can identify up to 4 actors in any image. Simply use Select/De-select to add or delete a character.

New! 2 major frames for face & full body fitting: Face frame for facial animation; Body frame for full character transformation.

The character frame can be in any quadrilateral shape, increase the layout flexibility and make the most of pixel resolution.

The full featured image editor allows you to rotate, crop images, do color correction, and leads you to the face fitting procedure - all in the same environment.

CrazyTalk automatically fits the facial wireframe to your image. You can also use 4 simple clicks to identify the corners of the eyes and the mouth. Once finished, you can have the complete control to fine-tune the fitting points.

New! Direct image import from your web cam for faster face fitting.

Enhanced facial mesh for a wide range of face types to better fit different facial contour, especially for non-human characters.

CrazyTalk Face Profile Styles allow you to animate different characters, including human, animal, and cartoon-like faces with realistic performance behavior.

Increased facial angle prevents photo distortion during facial rotation.

New! Face Orientation function allows you to edit front and side (45°) images.

Advanced Facial Settings allow you to fine-tune the color, position, scale of the eyes, teeth, mouth and lips.

Customize eyes and teeth to perfectly match your character's personality by importing any custom image for the eye and teeth texture.

New! 4 layers of eye settings greatly improve the realism of virtual eyes - Eyeballs, Eye Optics, Eyelashes, Eye Shadow.

New! Match the right style of the virtual eyes to your character with VividEye templates - Anime, Animal, CG Cartoon, Comic, Human.

New! Create intelligent and reflective eyes with EyeOptics feature.

New! Use Eye Shadow and Lashes to remove the texture bleeding when the eyes close or blink.

New! Facial Cosmetic function adds fashion color and cosmetics to your character.

CrazyTalk's masking tools can instantly remove the original background by using key color picking and tolerance setting. Replace the background with any new color or image.


Easily import a Wav file or record your own voice using the built-in audio capture function or your PC microphone.

Get the best phoneme data to your talking photo by automatic lip-synching.

Advancement in Text-to-Speech inside CrazyTalk offers better quality for all end users and additional serious solutions for text driven synthetic voice performance.

Tweak your voice from a high pitched "elf" voice to a low booming voice using the fast-access sliderbar editors.

Disguise your voice or improve the quality of your audio for playback with enhanced performance.

Edit your entire Timeline with one click. Emotives are a complete emotional animation track master preset that assigns a global mood to your animated avatar.

Emotives feature thematic animation presets adding automatic expressions, movement for head, shoulders, eyes, and accurate special effects to the Timeline emphasizing the selected Emotive theme such as happiness, excitement, fear, or desire.

Motion Clips add instant expressions including full face, eye, head, and SFX track performance. Simply "drag and drop" the available Motion Clips in the library to the Timeline to apply instant expressions.

PRO! Record real-time facial puppeteering and save it in layers as Motion Clips storing all the data for every facial feature animated during the live puppet session.

PRO! View adjustments made to specific areas of your project using the area preview function of the Timeline Editor. Once a track edit is complete, select the region of the Timeline to preview and push play.

PRO! Launch the Individual Track Editing Window from Timeline for fine-tuning on-the-fly or further customization.

Use a mouse or handheld device to puppet character animation. Select characters or facial features and puppet their behavior in as you playback to recorded audio in real-time.

PRO! CrazyTalk provides full control of the puppet facial features, mouth opening, emotional expression and more. Move your cursor to experience eyes blinking, nose wrinkling, jaw movement, etc.

5 default puppet profiles define instant personality performance for puppeteering, including Wicked, Goofy, Youthful, Attractive and Grumpy, as well as six emotion styles included with advanced select and de-select layer editing capability to provide full control of the puppet facial features.

Detailed property parameter settings for single muscle movement. Assign different weight for controlling specific muscle movement during the real-time puppeteering

Free head movement via the head movement control panel to freely move or rotate head location.

New! Free body movement via the character movement control panel to freely move or scale your digital actor for a dynamic comic show.

65 templates of special effects in the Disguise, Metaphors and 58 templates in 4 categories: Facial Action, Full Screen, Illustration, and Transition. Plus 32 Text Bubble SFX templates allowing you to type messages in the text bubble by clicking the SFX on the sequence interface to bring up the dialog box and adjust the text.

Dual-layered special effects allow you to swap SFX from foreground to background with “SFX-Swap.”


New! Import a TGA or PNG file with alpha channel for free actor movement control.

New! Use masking tools to create custom stage background and ensure realistic 3D head movement

New! Stage editor for casting actors and multi-character rundown control.

New! Total linear animation control with character, camera and audio tracks.

New! Track Zoom function for focused area editing.

New! Enhanced camera system allows moving, rotating and zooming for different views of your story.

Independent audio track for background music editing.

New! Two major editors: Stage Editor for casting actors; Timeline Editor for detailed script editing of the individual character.

Click any CTS on the character track in Stage Editor and launch individual track editing windows for script editing.

Video export with various supported types, including AVI, MPEG-4, RM, WMV, NTSC, PAL.

PRO! Video output with HD (High Definition) quality.

Turn your timeline output into frame-by-frame image sequences in alpha-channel ready Targa or Bitmap format, or extract the audio layer from any CrazyTalk project.

Create eye-popping and stereoscopic video by clicking the '3D Stereo Vision' option in the export panel. Since all CrazyTalk projects are layer-based, users may properly arrange all special effects and characters for a better 3D stereo result.

Supports both 'Side-by-Side' & 'Anaglyph' 3D outputs, which allow you to view 3D video with general or special monitors plus 3D glasses.

Adjust the value of the 'Display Distance' to define the convergence point as you playback the output media. The higher the value, the closer the objects tend to pop-up in relation to the convergence point.

New! Export iWidget (background-transparent web avatar) and directly publish it to any blog or website.

New! Create Web Avatar (live interactive avatar) for Web 2.0 applications.

Generate virtual hosts for web pages.

Add fun or informative actors to any social networks.

New! Instantly share your creation on YouTube via CrazyTalk optimized output function.

New! Auto log in to your account and upload videos with custom tag definition.

The industry standard video formats, Windows Media or Real Media allow you to export your video ready for playing in any PC, over the web, and offer the highest compatibility for video producers to import digital videos to their productions.

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