POB Robotics Suite is the first set of technologies fully dedicated to robotics. Mechanics, electronics and software are designed to allow the user a fast and easy handling. The robot permits to discover three different technologies: mechanics, electronics and software. The POB Robotics Suite is developed around a robot, a set of mechanical parts and programming software that can be used according to your level and skills.

The robot is used as a construction base. Different drilled plates can be quickly screwed on all robot faces. Mechanical parts can be added such as : other drilled plates, gearings etc.

Easy programming for all
The POB Robotics Suite can be graphically programmed thanks to our Risbee software. It is dedicated to build programs by a very simple icon display on a grid. For more advanced users, POB-Tools help creating application in C language and Basic.

The programming is done via an USB connector or a wireless ZigBee connection type (optional).

Ready to use school applications
STEP files of each mechanical part are available for free use. Thanks to those, it is pretty easy to work assembling techniques on SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software.

POB-BOT Designer Kit
The designer kit is a pack gathering the robot and the mechanical parts to build...
POB-BOT Avoider ll
POB-BOT Avoider II is a full and an autonomous robot kit equiped with a color...
POB-BOT Lite ll
POB-BOT Lite II is a full and an autonomous robot kit equiped with a color...